Power Casual! The new office look

Dress for success has a whole new meaning. Power casual is the new office look. If looking at your pre-pandemic work clothes is more depressing than the thought of commuting in the winter, it’s time for a refresh. When the coronavirus pandemic sent workers home and lives moved to the lower-resolution virtual world, fashion took a backseat. As companies welcome back their employees, many people will have to think about what to wear to work for the first time in over a year. Wouldn´t it be wonderful to wear something comfy and stylish at the same time? Power Casual is the new office look in 2022 and dresses from AYANI are enjoyable to wear will become an essential part of your daily wardrobe.

Created in Berlin, AYANI’s design mission is to provide you with a „5 minute work wear fix“ so that you have more time for yourself and things that matter. In the design process they are carefully think about what a modern woman needs:

„Effortless yet stylish pieces which give women comfort and confidence throughout the day, and are made in a conscious and responsible way.“

The dress I´m wearing has the name Zebel, and is a belted shirt dress in olive. Also available in black. What I love about this dress? I can wear this dress at the office with a pair of pumps but I can also match this dress with a pair of boots, leggings and a leather jacket.

I talked to Ani the founder of AYANI and asked her about inspiration, trends, but also what to wear for a job interview. I definitely didn’t expect this answer. I also tried to find out her secrets for her success and what kind of clothes she avoids wearing. She told me what she didn´t have in der closet until recently. A big suprise. I guess we all have this in our closets.



1. What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

My path was never linear in becoming a fashion designer. It wasn’t an aspiration I had in mind but something that developed after I was plunged into it head first. I studied psychology and marketing and before starting AYANI, I worked in the marketing field.

There was a complete lack of womens’ workwear in the market where style, comfort and elegance came together. It was my observations through mentorship and leading roles in the workplace with women where I realized I wanted to create a brand for confidence and that’s how AYANI came through.


2.When and how did it all begin?

It all started some years ago when I was still working in a company and I was struggling to find professional looking dresses. Over the years I had accumulated a wardrobe full of clothes that either don’t stand more than 3 washes or aren’t comfortable to wear in everyday life. I wanted to create a 5-minute workwear fix, to remove the morning stress and allow me to have more time for myself.

In 2016 I started to read a lot of books that awakened me on the impact of consumerism on our society and the environment. The book „Climate Vs Capitalism“ by Naomi Klein struck me the most. I began making more conscious decisions and purchasing based on the company ideology that I supported. I imagined the beauty from creating a business that was a force for good and that is how AYANI was born.


3. How would you describe your brand aesthetics?

In three words: Comfort. Elegance. Versatility.

It’s all about the modern woman. It’s all about what she wants. She has a busy schedule, she is building her career and she needs pieces that make her feel confident. Dresses that take her from office to happy hour and are easy to care for that don’t require dry cleaning are what she needs. This modern woman’s life is what defines the AYANI aesthetics.

I believe that women and their needs should be the main inspiration behind fashion. What they do, how they live, what do they really need, and that is the key to our brand aesthetics.


4. How do you choose your fabrics and where are they sourced from?

The sourcing of the fabrics is a very rigorous process. On multiple occasions, I’ve travelled to Turkey and visited over thirty fabric manufacturers. Since 2020 we have been committed to only source sustainably made fabrics such as viscose Ecovero or recycled polyester. The actual choice of fabrics is mostly driven by the designs, which means that the fabrics have to be sturdy, long lasting and should not peel. Fabrics that are easy to care for, that can be washed in the washing machine and do not require any dry cleaning. Fabrics which are easy to iron or do not require ironing at all. We are currently working with one of the biggest manufacturers that make sustainably made fabrics in Izmir, and since 2020 we have worked with them exclusively.


5. In your opinion, what are the most critical aspects of the fashion industry?

Fast fashion. And that is not only because of the use of conventional vs sustainable fabrics. I strongly believe that if the world just produced less and with higher quality, the impact of fashion on the climate would reduce tremendously.


6. What are your favorite trends in fashion, past and present?

Honestly, I don’t follow trends. Trends come and go, and I’d rather see people wear more timeless clothing, and fashion industry producing more timeless pieces. Clothing that one can wear from one season to another and that can be worn for years to come. Clothing that is of a real value for you, the environment and your wardrobe. That’s exactly what is in the design process behind the AYANIl. We see it reflecting in our sales. Our dresses from the first collection are still very popular today.


7. As a fashion designer, how would you advise someone to dress for a job interview?

Be bold, don’t be afraid to stand out. Put on something bright, something that makes you feel good, comfortable and gives you that sense of confidence in you. It is true that people judge by the first impression. Everyone comes to an interview wearing black. Be different. Dare to stand it (with style). Put on a bright dress and see how it boosts your confidence and watch the strong impression you make. We have a customer who told us that she wore our bright green shirt dress for a high level ministry job interview (I must say it’s quite daring to do that!) and she was so pleased to see that she landed the job right away.


8. Are there any types of clothing that you avoid wearing?

Pants. I haven’t worn pants for over 10 years. I don’t own any pants. I love dresses, they are so easy and so much more comfortable- if they are designed comfortably. No need for matching the top and bottom, less clothing to wash. Just one piece and you are ready to go. I must say I recently bought my first pair of very wide pants that fit very well with AYANI’s shirt and tunic dresses. Other than that, I don’t have any.


9. What fashion trends are you passionate about?

I like pullunders. I am not sure if they are totally new, but there are definitely more options on the market right now. They go very well with dresses.


10. What motivates you the most about having your own fashion business?

What motivates me the most is definitely the fact that I am building a purpose-driven company. After that it is all about customers‘ love and feedback. We receive so many beautiful messages from our customers. It moves me to hear that my style and the company’s purpose resonate with so many women. This is true happiness for me.


11. There’s so much pressure for designers to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give to young designers just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?

Do one thing but do it well. Let it be only blazers, but aim to make the best blazers that are on the market. Quality requires an insane amount of work, that is why I highly recommend to focus on one thing, but do it really well. Try to make the best piece you can and solve the problem for your target audience. Especially when starting off, you can’t be good at everything. Take one piece of clothing, analyse it, study it, see what is really missing on the market. A great deal of satisfaction comes from making something well. That’s why we only make dresses. Something of a higher quality, something that’s actually going to stand the test of time. It does. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of hard work, but every detail is worth all the effort and that’s what you’re rewarded afterwards.


12. What have been your weirdest and wildest sources of inspiration for your brand and design directions?

It is always the modern woman.


13. What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

I wish fast fashion would be completely eradicated. There is no place for it. No place for how fast fashion brands treat their garment workers. No place for the enormous amount of clothing they produce. We don’t need a new collection every two weeks. There’s simply no need for that.


14. What is the best lesson you have learned along the way?

If you put your whole heart into what you do and continue to create great work, people will notice and the reward will follow.



It´s so wonderful to see how much effort people put in their dreams and create something so beautiful. If you like my page and want to read more, I can reccomend this article about how you can sleep your way to youthfulness, fitness and success. If you looking for more fashion: Avocadostore





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