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Sleep your way to youthfulness, fitness and success!


At the moment, I’m working on the opening of my studio. I am so excited and happy.  But just around noon, I find myself fighting against sleep. I can sense my performance and creativity is noticeably reduced. In addition, the lacking of attention and reduced responsiveness increases the risk of having an accident by seven times.

My suggestion on how to remedy this is a brief nap – called power napping. The short sleep outside the main nightly sleeping phase helps the brain to regenerate itself. This increases productivity and performance and lowers the risk of heart attacks also.

No matter how modern the concept of power napping may be, the ideas about society, economy and politics are still antiquated. Sleeping at work is not planned in the modern service society. The number of days missed because of mental illnesses is growing steadily.

Two to three times a week, the mid-day sleep has the most lasting effect. The optimal period for effective sleep is the time between 1 and 3 pm, when most people have reached their biorhythmic lunchtime. However, the decisive factor here is to perceive your own biorhythm to recognize when the fatigue begins and the personal “sleepiness” is reached.

There are increasingly different opinions about the duration of the lunch break. For a long time, some experts warned not to exceed the duration of 20-30 minutes since entering the low sleep phase means that you need longer to wake up and to be fit again.

Recent studies, on the other hand, conclude that a bedtime of one to one and a half hours has an optimal effect on the learning ability and thus also the greatest recovery effect.

Calming music and the darkening of the room helps for a quick fall asleep and the start of an effective recovery phase which is key to physical and mental relaxation. Interruptions, such as a cell phones or office phones should be switched off or sent to co-workers. Important appointments and meetings should rarely be carried out during lunch time. In addition, a pleasant physical support helps. The head at least should be supported and the legs should be brought into an elevated position. It is also advisable to cover yourself with a light blanket as the body cools considerably faster during sleep. A light and low-fat meal before the rest also has a positive effect on the fertility of the recovery phase.

A cup of coffee before falling asleep does not only make it easier to wake up, but even increases the effect of the short sleep. The caffeine unfolds its effect only after 20 minutes. Thus, it has no inhibitory effect on falling asleep, but there is a refreshing thrust in the subsequent wake-up phase. One should in any case take time to wake up and rebuild the body tension by doing stretching exercises. It is also useful to rinse the face with cold water and bright light.

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