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#noshoppingforoneyear – my self-experiment

This interview was published in german at Mrs. City magazine  ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Shopping detox for a whole year!  Trendscout and lifestyle expert Tanja Vieth is conducting a self-experiment in what it feels like to not buy new clothes, shoes or bags for a year. In an interview, the 38-year-old reveals what lies behind the project, what role sustainability plays in her…

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Converse chucks bunt

What your converse say about you

I love Converse, and there is not one color I don´t like. But I just wear high tops. I like flats too but not on my feet. I found this Guide about Converse colors, and think it is pretty funny. It says what your color of Converse say about you. It doesn´t work so good for me because I have…

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